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Full circle: A deer hunters journey

Hunting started the hard way for me. For my first deer hunt, Dad took me out to a friend’s house. I was 12, and I wanted to get one badly. It didn’t happen that day. Tears rolled down my face quietly as the December sun set and I tried not to let my dad see. […]

3 things you should never enter the Maine woods without

When I first began studying in earnest to become a Registered Maine Guide, my mentor probed my knowledge of the outdoors and experience level. He knew I was an Army veteran with a lot of time logged in the field but noted that guiding clients in the big woods of Maine had its own set […]

Peaks and valleys: A year in the life on Tucker Ridge

We all seem to reflect this time of year on things past while looking forward to a fresh start. Triumphs and achievements are warmly regarded, while our defeats and setbacks continue to needle us. From Tucker Ridge, I’ve observed and in some instances been involved in some of the major issues Mainers have battled for […]